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First, the scene composition is great. You start off with a stylized wide shot to establish the relationship between the characters in ...


Lucas Montana
United States
Current Residence: FL
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Orchestral
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Personal Quote: "Say what you mean, mean what you say"


Weak Auras - Soul Shards by suldae
Weak Auras - Soul Shards
More graphics made for the World of Warcraft addon Weak Auras, this one shows how many Soul Shards I have while playing as a Warlock. The bottom shows 0-3 shards and the top two reveal a demon face based on a void walker. I surprised myself when this was complete. It has much more color than I had expected it to. A series of 512 resolution TGA files.
Weak Auras - Holy Power by suldae
Weak Auras - Holy Power
Recently got back into World of Warcraft and decided to make some graphics for the addon Weak Auras. A series of TGA files at 512 resolution that show me from 0 to 5 how much Holy Power I have while playing as a Retribution Paladin. 0 - 3 Holy Power just fills in the glyphs on the bottom bar and with 4 and 5 the "Light" breaks through the constraints of the bar.
Beat Defender: Electronica - Nika by suldae
Beat Defender: Electronica - Nika
Just an idea floating around about a girl who likes to dance at her uncle's club. One night he's kidnapped and she sets out to save him armed with one of his crazy inventions, the Beat Booster Gauntlet! Along the way she'll overcome rival club gangs and make new friends with the power of music.

This idea manifested sometime after getting into the Above and Beyond podcast that features the top trance music from the week from around the world.
War Priest Malvic by suldae
War Priest Malvic
Demons of Malvic's caste are rarely seen in Halchren's court, serving as little more than slaves to the upper courts. Yet Malvic serves as War Priest, military adviser and commander of Halchren's Incursion Force. Originally from a lower court of the Embodiment, Malvic's only option to escape an existence of servitude was to enter the arena and win the Favor of the upper courts.

Malvic's diminutive size would not win him victory against the upper court's champions and his tactics would not win him any fans. He was viewed as a coward who was unwilling to dirty his own hands. Fortunately for Malvic, it only mattered that he was the last standing because even the upper courts despised his presence in the arena.

He was relentlessly targeted by larger champions, his mere presence in the arena was an insult to their proud sport.  Outside of the arena he would steal charms, trinkets, and precious symbols of superstition from his opponents and frame other champions. Inside the arena he would rely on this agility, coaxing his attackers into striking other champions, causing them to fight each other. When he was fortunate, the turmoil and chaos he had sown drove the champions at each other's necks, sparring his.

Occasionally, he would find himself standing in the arena with the last remaining champion. These were the moments that would win Malvic a small contingent of fans, even some among the upper courts. Malvic's last fight was the most divisive battle within the arena for nearly a century.

Malvic stood alone against Urghot, prized fighter of Halchren's court and undefeated since his ascension to Court Champion. Urghot stood four fold Malvic's height. His muscles were massive and his speed unheard of among his caste. Urghot was a symbol, an icon of what all demon of the Embodiment strive to become. An impossible creature.

Malvic as usual in his fights, was fresh and full of energy. Urghot was not fresh and he was not full of energy. He was worn and bloodied from fighting. He charged Malvic, his enormous hammer cascading from the sky, determined to crush the small demon and his parade of heresy. Malvic stood his ground, stoic in his stance. He disappeared under the hammer, Urghot and the crowds cheering. The hammer raised, Urghot eager to reveal the pulped mash of viscera and gore.

The crater where the hammer had hit the ground was empty. The crowds gasped, unsure of what had just happened. At no time before had Malvic displayed any such trick. How could he just vanish? Urghot's frustration and anger burst forth from his lungs, his roar shaking the walls of the arena. He clawed at the rubble trying to find any trace of Malvic.

Suddenly, Urghot fell to a single knee, letting out a pained grunt. He let out more grunts and started to swing wildly out at the air. His molten blood spurting from many small cuts appearing all over his body. The demons from the lower courts called out, cheering. They recognized the cuts as Malvic's now signature style of fighting, defeat by one thousand cuts. Finally, Urghot sat motionless and eerily silent in the middle of the arena. Oh his knees with arms slumped at his sides taking heavy, deep breathes, he refused to fall, he refused to accept his imminent defeat.

A form began emerging from the dirt of the arena floor. The shifting sand of the form solidified, revealing Malvic He swung several small chained blades around him. A silence fell over the crowd because Malvic had displayed an elemental affinity, a trait that only demons of the Presence possess.

The sight of Malvic deeply stirred Urghot. His breathes became short and swift. He mustered as much bravado as his spent and eviscerated body could and spat out with a hoarse voice loud enough to be heard at the top of the arena, "I will never fall!"

With a snap, Malvic turned away and sprinted toward a nearby pillar. He leaped into the air, planting his feet on the pillar and pushed off of it toward Urghot. Malvic's head crashed into Urghot's and a mighty crack rang out. A shock wave shortly followed and poured over the crowd.

Urghot fell over, his mask split open at the impact. Malvic climbed on top of Urghot's chest and held his hands up high in victory. Demons of the lower courts cheered and flooded into the arena, a wash with excitement that a servant caste had beaten the Demon King's Court Champion.

The upper courts were displeased and argued, pleaded that their Favor not be awarded to a demon who kept such a secret as elemental affinity and used power unknown to demons of the Embodiment to defeat their champion. The winds of change were blowing and Halchren could see the coming storm of discontent among the servant castes. He also saw an opportunity, a chance to once again bring his war against the Beloved to the earthly plane.

Halchren awarded Malvic his personal Favor, making him War Priest to his vast armies. Malvic is now a hero and a symbol to the lower castes, giving them hope and calming the storm. For now.
I haven't posted a lot to DA here in a while, I haven't stopped drawing by any means, just was swept up in life and it's turmoil and just didn't feel like FINISHING anything. Things are settling and I'm gettin' back into the swing of things and taking a fresh look at a lot of old projects that haven't yet been finished and trying to put them at least closer to being done.
  • Watching: Death-Note
  • Playing: Warframe

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